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Real estate leasing

Real estate rental

Our Leasing Department has a team of advisers who provides personalized attention, giving commercial, administrative and legal according to your needs in the leasing of all kinds of real estate, being integral in all its aspects.

In our organization we do not limit ourselves only to the receipt and payment of monies resulting from leases, but also to the extensive advice that requires both owners and tenants, thus guaranteeing the full confidence that they can place when consigning or taking real estate in lease with us

Venta de inmuebles en bogotá


We are focused on providing the best leasing services.

Advice to establish the monthly lease.

Advice and procedures in insurance companies.

Design of promotional campaign, news paper and internet portals.

Accompaniment during the negotiation and closing of the business.

Preparation of the administration contract with the owner and preparation of the Lease and inclusion contract within the collective policy.

Accompaniment in the signing of the lease contract, delivery of the property under inventory and its administration.

Local repair and remodeling service when requested.

Visits to establish the proper use and state of conservation of the properties.

Ensure that our property administration is up to date with respect to taxes, public services and administration fees.

Loans and advances to owners for taxes, repairs or remodeling, discounted from the lease fee by prior agreement.

Arrendamiento por Corretaje

Leasing by Brokerage

We put at your disposal all our resources to support you in the search for a client, we advise you on the preparation of the lease in this case the fees, the first lease fee plus VAT.

NOTE: The administration of the property is done by the owner or the person assigned.

Leasing by Administration

The Realtor assumes the integral administration of the property and we ensure that the payment of the rental fee is made in a timely manner to the owner, we put all our resources at your service from the preparation of the contract, physical condition of the property and advice on the policy For the interested client, the Fees is 8% per month on the value of the canon plus TAX, additionally, the value of the policy is paid, which is 2.57%, that is, a total monthly percentage of 10.57% is deducted.

Arrendamiento por Administración


Seguro sobre pago de canon por arrendatario

Pay or not pay the tenant, you will have your rent consigned in the bank account on the 10th of each month.

Perfilar posibles arrendatarios del inmueble

Establish and profile clients to rent your property.

Control en el manejo de citas

Control and effectiveness in managing appointments with potential tenants by posting on all portals at no cost.

Pago de impuestos y anticipos

We cancel your taxes, anticipate your rents and finance the repairs that your property requires.

Garantia de buen uso de la propiedad

We guarantee the good use and state of conservation of your property "we protect your assets.".

Resolución de conflictos

We avoid inconveniences inherent to the administration process such as resolving conflicts that may arise between the co-ownership and its tenants and their tenants with you, always trying to maintain good relations.


  • Certificate of tradition and freedom valid for no more than 30 days.
  • Photocopy of the owner's citizenship card.
  • If the owner is a legal entity, a photocopy of the legal representative identification card, chamber of commerce no longer than 30 days and a photocopy of the RUT
  • Copy of the first 5 sheets of the public deed up to where the property boundaries are and the sheet of stamps and signatures.
  • Reservation for promotion and advertising of the property "PRIOR AUTHORIZATION OF THE OWNER" (Applies for advertising in the newspaper EL TIEMPO).
  • Copy of the last payment of public services, administration and property tax for the last year.
  • Signed administration contract

We offer group insurance policies, which promptly cover non-payment of rental fees, administration fees and public services.

PAY OR NOT PAY the tenant, the owner will have his rent on the 10th of each month, through electronic transfer in your bank account.
The security of the monies received by the rental fees monthly, not only consisting of the strict payment thereof, but also also in the services that are generated in the real estate activity such as son: The completion and processing of documents before the companies insurers and notaries, advertising, availability to show the real estate, taking and verification of inventories, repairs and locative modifications, payment of public services and taxes and other consignments in accounts of the owners, monthly statements of accounts, claim before public entities and private, accounting, legal, tax consultancies and other services that by absence or lack of time of the owner these can be made to us.