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Since 1984 we have faithfully worked on our strategic relationships to provide our clients with the best services.


Seguro sobre pago de canon por arrendatario

Pay or not pay the tenant, you will have your rent consigned in the bank account on the 10th of each month.

Perfilar posibles arrendatarios del inmueble

Establish and profile clients to rent your property.

Control en el manejo de citas

Control and effectiveness in managing appointments with potential tenants by posting on all portals at no cost.

Pago de impuestos y anticipos

We cancel your taxes, anticipate your rents and finance the repairs that your property requires.

Garantia de buen uso de la propiedad

We guarantee the good use and state of conservation of your property "we protect your assets.".

Resolución de conflictos

We avoid inconveniences inherent to the administration process such as resolving conflicts that may arise between the co-ownership and its tenants and their tenants with you, always trying to maintain good relations.