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Property sales in Bogotá

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As a fundamental part of our portfolio of services, we have a team of sales professionals, whose members have received training appropriate for their handling, the experience and the training they have received, allows to provide commercial, administrative, legal and tax advice for carry out any type of business with real estate, no matter how complex it may be.

In this process we take care of the achievement of clients through the promotion of the property in the different media such as: magazines, newspapers, radio, internet, billboards and banners. Once we have the effective client we advise on the purchase, study of titles, credit procedures banking, signing of the promise of sale and deed.

Venta de inmuebles en bogotá


Estamos enfocados en brindar los mejores servicios de venta de inmuebles.

Asesoría sobre el valor comercial del inmueble

Advice to establish the commercial value of the property, through a commercial technical appraisal./p>

Estudio de titulos

Estudio de títulos.

Publicidad del inmueble

Design of promotional campaign, classified ads and internet.

Asesoría legal y tributario sobre la documentación

Legal and tax advice when processing all the pertinent documentation to close the business.

Financiamiento de compra de inmuebles

Financing through current agreements with banking entities, for the purchase of residential and commercial properties, through the figure of leasing or mortgage credit as the case may be.

Elaboración de contrato de compra y venta

Preparation of the contract of promise of sale, Minutes and Traceability of the deed with via Registry.

Acompañamiento durante el negocio

Accompaniment during the execution of the business, guaranteeing the execution of the agreed payments and the signing of the public deed before the respective notary, until the actual delivery of the property, guaranteeing the sanitation for all concepts.

Urban area fees

Urban area fees

Sale of property located in an urban area 3% + TAX 19%

Rural area fees

Sale of property located in Rural Zone 5% + TAX 19%

Rural area fees

Fees are charged proportionally to the payment made by the buyer.


Cedula de ciudadania

Copy of the owner's Citizenship Certificate.

Copia de la escritura publica

First copy of the public deed of acquisition, duly registered.

Certificado de Tradición y libertad

Certificate of Tradition and freedom no longer than 30 days.

último Recibo de impuesto predial cancelado

Copy of the last canceled property tax receipt.

Paz y Salvo de valorización

Paz y Salvo valuation issued by the IDU.

Poder amplio y suficiente

Broad and sufficient power of attorney (in case the owner is NOT the one who consigns the property.).

Copia de los recibos públicos pagos

Copy of the public receipts paid for the property.

Copia del último recibo de administración cancelada

Copy of the last canceled administration receipt (applies to horizontal property).

Certificado de Existencia y Representación Legal

Certificate of Existence and Legal Representation (in case of being a legal person).

Acta de Socios autorizando la venta

Members' Act authorizing the sale (in case of being a legal person and there is a limitation).

RUT - Registro Único Tributario

RUT - Single Tax Registry (in case of being a legal person.).

Ficha técnica

Technical file and authorization for the commercialization of the property.

Inventario físico del inmueble

Physical inventory of the property.