Real estate selling

31 May, 2017
31 May, 2017

Real estate selling

As a fundamental part of our portfolio of services, we have a team of sales professionals, whose members have received adequate training for their management, experience and training they have received, allows them to provide commercial, administrative, legal and tax advice to advance any type of business with real estate, no matter how complex it may be.

In this process, we take care of clients through the promotion of the property in the different media such as: magazines, newspapers, radio, internet, billboards and banners. Once we have the cash client, we advise you on the purchase, study of titles, bank credit procedures, signing of promissory notes and deed.


  • Advice to establish the commercial value of the property, through a commercial technical appraisal.
  • Study of titles.
  • Design of promotional campaign, classified ads and internet.
  • Legal and tax advice when processing all the relevant documentation to make the closing of the business.
  • Financing through current agreements with banking entities, for the purchase of housing and commercial real estate, by means of leasing or mortgage credit as the case may be.
  • Preparation of the contract of sale promise.
  • Accompaniment during the execution of the business, guaranteeing that the agreed payments and the signature of the public deed before the respective notary, until the delivery of the property that is completely sanitized by taxes, utilities and administration fees.


  • Sale of property located in urban area 3% + VAT 16%
  • Sale of property located in Rural Zone 5% + VAT 16%

NOTE: The commission is charged proportionally to the payment made by the buyer.


  • Copy of the owner’s Citizenship Certificate.
  • First copy of the public deed of acquisition, duly registered.
  • Certificate of Tradition and freedom not greater than 30 days.
  • Copy of last canceled property tax receipt
  • Peace and Except valuation issued by the IDU
  • Powerful and sufficient (in case of NOT being the owner who consigns the property.)
  • Copy of the public receipts payments with which the property has.
  • Copy of the last canceled administration receipt (applies for horizontal property)
  • Certificate of Existence and Legal Representation (in case of being a legal entity).
  • Act of Partners authorizing the sale (in case of being a legal entity and there is a limitation).
  • RUT – Unique Tax Registry (in case of being a legal entity.)


  • Collection form duly completed authorizing our organization to promote and market the property.
  • Physical inventory of the property.
  • The expenses corresponding to advertising will be canceled by the owner of the property, in case the sale of the property is not carried out.

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